Posbank’s APEXA® 2150 redefines excellence with its full HD display, cutting-edge design, and feature rich interface. This POS terminal offers unrivaled performance, durability, and user-friendliness. It provides friction-free customer interactions, flexible installation options, multiple I/O interfaces, and high compatibility. Built to serve best in the retail and hospitality business environments, APEXA 2150 is a premier POS Solution. 

Main Features
  • Sleek, Stylish, and Compact Design
  • 21.5 wide touchscreen POS terminal
  • Seamless Peripheral Integration with Multiple I/O Interfaces
  • Effortless Setup, Flexible Installation, and Instantaneous Serviceability
  • Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface similar to a smartphone or tablet
  • Compatible with Windows and Android OS
  • Resistant to Spills and Dust, ensuring Durability and Reliability


Clear, Crisp, and Energy Efficient

APEXA 2150’s wide display produces vibrant and clear images. Built with an industrial-grade LED panel, it is energy efficient and has an extended lifespan. With its PCAP touch display, the APEXA 2150 provides an intuitive and familiar user experience akin to tablets, reducing the training time required for staff.

21.5" TFT LCD, LED Backlight


1920 x 1080


300 cd/m² (typ.)


Projective Capacitive Touch

Touch Screen


Robust and Reliable

Equipped with Intel®'s 11th generation high-performance processors such as i3 and i5 (Intel® Tiger Lake) or Celeron® J6412 (Intel® Elkhart Lake), as well as an Android Cortex®-A17 quad-core processor, the APEXA® 2150 ensures powerful performance coupled with high compatibility.


Modern and Contemporary

APEXA 2150’s design suits any store environment and easily compliments the brand image with its sleek and stylish look. The intuitive and wide HD screen engages both the customers and staff while enhancing store decoration.


Optimize Workflows, Save Time and Resources

Effortless access to storage and interface connections using the I/O panel conveniently placed on the upper side of the POS terminal. You can enjoy hassle-free maintenance and streamlined field serviceability.


Connectivity is a breeze with the APEXA® 2150's multiple I/O interfaces- which include 6 USB ports, 6 Serial ports, and more. Effortlessly link various peripherals and devices to expand functionality and meet specific business requirements.

Peripherals and Options

With a wider screen and a range of peripherals, APEXA 2150 transforms itself into a kiosk in a fast-paced environment. Perfect for customer-facing or self-service applications, this terminal provides a seamless experience for both staff and customers alike. You can add 2×20 VFD and 2nd displays to engage customers and give them necessary information regarding their orders, transactions, or promotional events at the POS station.

Other Features

Utilizing the special venting technology, APEXA 2150 can resist spills and dust from entering the display and the key components inside. You can easily install it wherever you want- a countertop or on a wall, stress-free.

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