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Technical Support

All POSBANK products directly purchased from POSBANK are entitled to get technical support from our team. Every product sold will have a toll-free no and support email given. Technical support will be given by the support team of POSBANK. The initial level of support will be given over call to the customer, then online and if required technical person will be assigned for the support.

Toll Free : 1800 891 3553 | Telephone : 080 – 489 00998 | Email :

General Warranty

The products purchased directly from POSBANK are provided with 3 month to 3-year warranty depending on the product purchased. The warranty is limited to ordinary defects and covers standard repairs and product exchange. Any customer exercising a claim under this Warranty must establish to the satisfaction of POSBANK. Both the date of purchase and that the Product was purchased new. The sales receipt or invoice, showing the date of purchase of the product is the proof of the date of purchase.

Warranty Procedure

Follow these steps until your problem has been solved. The skilled experts from the POSBANK repair centre will thoroughly inspect, diagnose, repair and clean the RMA unit according to your request.

1. Request

A complaint call should to made to POSBANK through toll-free or email. The customer should provide the details like model name, serial number, purchase date, place and contact person details. Our technical team will inspect the device on various parameters and update the customer on the warranty claim and repair status.

2. Confirmation

After checking whether it is in or out of warranty. Labour or material costs on the units out of warranty will be informed to the customer. The status of the request made will be updated after inspection following which the confirmation will be given to the client over call and email.

3. Repair

Once you return your defective unit according to the given instructions, it will be repaired or replaced with a new one.

4. Closure

A fully functional unit will be sent to you depending on the issue diagnosed by our technical team.

Warranty Exceptions

The warranty is voided if the products are under the following situations:

  • Products that are not manufactured by POSBANK
  • Products with warranty void seal broken
  • Products that are modified without prior authorization by POSBANK
  • Hardware not purchased through POSBANK
  • External causes such as accident, abuse, misuse or problems with electrical power.
  • Servicing not authorized by POSBANK
  • Usage that is not in accordance with product instructions.
  • Failure to follow the product instructions or failure to perform preventive maintenance.
  • Using accessories, parts or components not supplied by POSBANK
  • Commercial hardware products that use, or in which have been installed, products or components that have not been provided by POSBANK
  • Products with missing or altered serial numbers.
  • Normal wear and tear.