Posbank’s A11 POS Printer is the most reliable, steadfast, and compact printer in the Posbank range. Its redefined design ensures accuracy along with 250mm/s printing speed, making it the perfect choice in the retail and hospitality segments. With A11, it is easier than ever to enhance customer experiences and scale your business. 

Main Features
  • Blazing-Fast Printing Speed of 250mm/s
  • Advanced Reliability for Large Volume Printing
  • Compatible with Mobile Operating Systems- Android and iOS
  • Supports USB, Serial, and Ethernet Interfaces for Seamless Integration
  • Quick and Hassle-Free Paper Loading with Drop-In Paper Loading
  • Intuitive Interface and Easy Maintenance


Swift, Sharp, and Clear Printing

A11 POS Printer offers a printing resolution of 180 dpi which guarantees clear text and graphics. The compact design and swiftness make it the perfect POS solution for crowded counter spaces.


Extended Longevity

With its exceptional MCBF of 60 million lines, TPH durability that can last up to 150 kilometers, and an auto-cutting mechanism capable of 1.5 million cuts, A11 is designed to withstand continuous operation and heavy-duty use. It is built to last longer, reducing maintenance costs and downtime, and providing a reliable printing solution for businesses of all sizes.


High Compatibility

A11 offers wide compatibility with today's popular mobile operating systems, allowing seamless integration with various software applications. Also, it has optional WiFi and Bluetooth interfaces for wireless connectivity.

Flexible Installation

A11 is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It can be deployed as a countertop or wall-mount solution, offering flexibility in installation options. Additionally, users can choose between 2" and 3" paper widths based on their specific requirements.

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